Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day One of a New Physical Me

I know I've neglected to post anything for so long but life has been a bit on the crazy side lately.  When the Lord told me it was going to be the year of New boy did He mean the Year of Completely NEW!

First I was baptized on May 29th after loving the Lord for 21 years!. More on that later.  The first half of the year brought some serious trials and reflections on my walk with the Lord over these last 21 years.  It culminated in me finally being baptized.

Second, today I begin doing the HCG diet.  I've not been happy with my weight for several years now and I couldn't get started on any significant change no matter what I did.  I needed a boost and after many months of research I feel like this is the key to the boost I need.  I first heard about HCG when I ran into a lady I only new casually and she had lost many pounds.  She was large before she started and now she was really thin.  I looked into HCG then but didn't pursue it.  Some months later I came across an online friends blog where she had kept a daily log of her first 2 rounds of HCG.  I researched more this time but still did not pursue it.  That was in April of this year.  I'm in MO right now visiting my parents and when I come here to the NW Ark area I go to a Chiropractor that I really like.  I walked in Friday to get an adjustment and low and behold he HCG drops and info in office.  I STILL did not buy the drops but I went home with HCG heavy on my mind.  The next day Mom and I were going shopping and I got very frustrated because I didn't have any clothes that fit me and I felt I looked so bad in what I did have.  I work jeans on a 95 degree day because of how I felt my shorts made me look.  I decided that morning I was going to do HCG.  I went and picked up the HCG drops from my Chiropractor yesterday and began round 1 this morning.  I can do more than 1 round of HCG but I don't know if I will do 2 rounds or not.  It will depend on what happens with this first round.

I realize some of you may have never heard of HCG or know very little about it. Albert T. Simeons MD came up with this protocol back in the 1940's.  He published a book detailing how he discovered this information and who to treat those patients that were obese or needed to lose weight in a book called Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity.  You can read that book HERE.  I got my drops from my Chiropractor but once I go back to TN I will buy any more drops I need from Better Health HCG.  

This is so difficult for me to do but I'm going to put my beginning/before pictures up for you to see.  It's so hard for me to look at pictures of myself right now and the thought of those pictures being up for the whole world to see is a horrifying thought. But I feel that anyone reading this needs to know where I started from and where I end up at the end of this HCG protocol.

Aaaack!!! I can't tell you how embarrassed I am to show these pictures!!

The pictures are from my cell phone because my digital camera battery is dead and I haven't gotten a new one yet.  Sorry they are a bit blurry.  You still get the idea I think.  Moving right along...........

Day 1: Weight 155.  I am 5 foot 2 so this weight is staggeringly too high for me.  This a fat loading day so I will most likely gain a few pounds before I start to lose any weight.  You fat load for 3 to 7 days so that you will have plenty of reserve fat while on the diet since you won't be eating any fat or carbs while on the diet.  Read the links I gave above to learn more.

Big breath................ as I click PUBLISH POST.....................


Cathy said...

Praying for lots of blessings and success on your diet. I understand. I have been struggling with weight since the birth of my last child. I'll look forward to the updates on how it is going. (But NO pressure, LOL!)

Rebecca said...

Aww, I'm proud of you for being brave enough to share your photos with all of us. I don't like even looking at pictures of myself, let alone letting others see them, so I understand how you feel. Keep us posted on your diet, and how it is going. Congratulations on your baptism!

Kim said...

So proud of you my new HOD bloggyland friend!!! Can't wait to see the new you in 20+'re going to LOVE it!!!

Keep in touch if you need help...I'll be praying for you!!!

Amber said...

We have VERY similar body structure Paige, but I have height on my side (5'8). I actually had heard of the HCG diet along time ago when I was struggling with infertility and PCOS and thought about trying it. Going to read more as I didnt know there were drops, but praying with you and Congrats on your baptism!


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