Wednesday, June 15, 2011

HCG Diet Day 2 with Links

Today was another fat loading day for me. I am really having to make myself eat.  I had several pieces of bacon and eggs fried in bacon grease for breakfast. I then had 2 cheese burgers and fries from McDonalds for lunch.  I've had a third of a bag of chips with dip and chocolate bars.  I'm also drinking coke's like crazy since I won't be drinking them much after this.  I've decided that even after the diet I won't go back to drinking them. I've long wanted to give them up but was just not motivated to do it.  I'm about to have some Breyers ice cream before bed.

I weighed in at 158 this morning.  I knew I would gain with all the eating I'm doing but I can already tell that the HCG is working. I'm not hungry at all.  I'm a bit surprised because I gained but my shorts were looser on me today and I had to keep pulling them up. I think I'm not retaining water like I was.  

We shall see how this goes.  I've got tunnel vision with this. I'm going to do this and follow it through.  I'm so ready to be done with this weight.  

Here are some of my favorite HCG links as this point.  

HCG Blogs I like:  This was the friend online that I talked to about doing HCG.  

A Good Source for HCG:

A Yahoo Group for HCG dieters:

You can find a free PDF copy of the Pounds and Inches book by Simeons at the yahoo group after you join and or at 

I hope that as I record my experiences here some of you might be inspired to make some changes too.

The Bruins won the Stanley Cup!

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Kim said...

Thanks for sending people to my blog...hope others get inspired by our experiences!!! You CAN do'll be SOOO glad you did!!!


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