Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How I Use Motivated Moms & Flylady Together

Finally able to make a post about how I use Motivated Moms and Flylady together to keep the house organized and clean.

I started out using Motivated Moms but was feeling like my rooms weren't getting deep cleaned enough.  Also the clutter has a tendency to build up very quickly at my house.  MM does have you decluttering but it wasn't frequent enough to keep the major areas of our house decluttered.  I remembered that Flylady incorporated decluttering before cleaning so I went over to check it out again.  I had looked at Flylady before but could never seem to even get started on it.  So after some studying I came up with the following plan.  I haven't been using MM and Flylady together very long but it does seem to be working out wonderfully.

I divided my house up into zones very similar to the way Flylady does. My zones are as follows.  Living Room, Kitchen, Bathrooms & Laundry Room (we have 2 full baths, the laundry room is in one of them), Hallway & either the Boys Room or our new Reading Room, & the Family Room.  I plan to switch between the Boys Room and our Reading Room every other cycle through my zones.  I used  Flylady's zone cleaning lists for each zone and I'm adding to those lists if needed as I work through each list.  I don't follow Flylady's schedule with cleaning my zones as I take a week for each zone instead of a few days for the first zone.  If a particular zone is badly cluttered then I will declutter before I clean it per Flylady's instructions.

Motivated Moms is divided up into daily chores for each day of the week and is only $8 for the whole year.  MM has the weekly, monthly, and yearly etc. chores schedule throughout the daily plans.  You can see samples of the current years Motivated Moms here so that you see what I mean.  I am using MM to keep the daily chores and weekly chores done. With MM it's already scheduled out I don't have to think much.  So I do most of the daily chores on the left of MM & also most of each days scheduled chores through the week.  My husband's schedule has changed so I might have to play with the days of MM but I will just rearrange the days & leave the chores as is.

All in all this is working out wonderfully for me.  I've schedule an hour a day in 2 half hour segments where me & the 10 year old work on it.  I'll be posting our current schedule soon & you will be able to see how I've scheduled these into our days.

I hope this helps in some way.  Please feel free to comment & tell me how you use Motivated Moms, Flylady, or your own system.  I'm always open to new ideas to help keep things clean or organized.  Check out Motivated Moms here.



Amber said...

Ha! I actually did this right before the new year myself...printed out the whole year of MM and stuck it into my new control I also recently discovered a book called "Bootcamp for lousy housekeepers" and am adding in some of her ideas I should blog about it and show my binder soon. Great minds think alike ;p

Tina said...

I am curious how you got this to work for you. I tried Flylady several times but was overwhelmed. I have just printed MM lists and put them on the fridge. It seems more managable. I am thinking that the cleaning is not as thorough as FlyLady which may be why it is not so overwhelming. It seems be be daily and weekly cleaning(am/pm routines and weekly home blessing) - no zone cleaning. Yet it would still be an improvement for me. I don't want to to spend my whole day cleaning. I have other priorities - like my kids,my husband, church etc. How do you incorporate the zone cleaning? Thanks!

Barbie Chiu said...
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