Thursday, June 16, 2011

HCG Diet Day 3

I weighed in at 153 this morning.  Down 5 lbs from yesterday already and I'm still fat loading.  Today is my last fat load day and I've decided to just eat what I want and not try to push eating.  I look less bloated in my face already.  I knew this was going to work but I'm shocked that I've already seen some changes with out doing the low calorie portion of the diet.  I suspect things are going to happen quick after tomorrow!!



Kim said...

YIPPEE!!! Don't get will have some days where the loss doesn't seem like much but keep pressing through...all those numbers add up. Just in case you don't have one...I'll send you a blank weight tracker. Can't wait to see your numbers going down MORE over the next few days!!!

Kris said...

Hi, just wanted to leave you a message about my blog change

my new blog address is

please be sure to update it in your updates to keep up with my blog...
thanks so much, Kris

oh it was


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