Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Beautiful Heart of Dakota Catalog

I received the newest catalog from Heart of Dakota today and I just had to show you what a wonderful catalog they publish. It's a quarter inch thick and 80...YES 80 pages.  They also have new book substitution policies and reduced and free shipping options.

The Cover...

Like I said it's about a quarter of an inch think

Full Color 2 Page Spreads showing everything from subject areas, sample layouts of each guide to detailed book descriptions.

The last page of the catalog gives you a nice sampling of their Notebooking pages...

Request your own copy of the catalog HERE. If you would like extras to share with friends just note how many you need in the comment box and they will be happy to include as many as you need.

The HOD catalog is prized in our house.  I'm going to order several more to give away too.  I'll hand one to anyone that will take one LOL.


Cathy said...

The HOD catalog is very prized here too! LOL. Yep, more copies needed. I was beginning to worry. It seemed everyone was getting their catalogs and my mailbox was empty. When it arrived today, It was like how I felt as a kid when the new toy catalog would come out before Christmas. I had to just sit and devour!

Homeschooling Momtographer said...

Yay for Heart of Dakota! We have truly been so blessed by this Christ centered curriculum! :)


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