Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Meet the Newest Member of Our Family!!!

I can not tell you how excited I am to post this news!!  This was a long time coming for our family too!  Today Joshua and I ended up having a very serious heart to heart talk about many things but in the end we found ourselves at the Compassion website looking over profiles of kids that needed a sponsor.  I picked the country and Joshua set about looking over boys profiles and reading about each one.  He settled on this handsome guy and I immediately felt that this was the child the Lord would have us sponsor.  We prayed about it and we both agreed that this young man was the one.  So without further delay let me introduce you to....

Dawit from Ethiopia
Dawit is 12 years old and his favorite activities are soccer, swimming and singing.  Maybe one day we'll get to hear his sweet voice singing praises to the Lord. 

We'll be patiently waiting (yeah right) for all our paperwork from Compassion so that we can begin writing letters to Dawit.  I can't wait to tell him how much Jesus loves him and how much we love him too.  

Stay tuned as I hope to be able to share about Dawit and the work of Compassion frequently.

Praising Jesus!


whimzie said...

My sponsored child is from Ethiopia, too! Thanks again for stopping by my blog today.

Kim said...

WOO HOO - Way to go Paige!!! We have several sponsored kids and it's so fun to get their letters. We just met one of our girls that we sponsor through Compassion when we were in Colombia, South America last was WAY cool!!! If you've sponsored your child through the website - you might be able to go ahead and register on the website and start writing to him...So happy for you!!!

Dawne Shelton said...

Our sponsored child (also through Compassion) is from Rawanda. It's wonderful, isn't it? :)


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