Saturday, February 26, 2011

Meet Emilda

Emilda is an 18 year-old Compassion sponsored child with the mental capacity of a three year-old.  She lives in a squatter community in the Philippines. And she's FAST!

In 2009 Emilda competed in the Philippine Special Olympics and she performed well enough to qualify for the World Special Olympics in Athens, Greece this Summer.  But she needs your help to get there.

Emilda's parents are unable to pay her way to Greece and neither is the Philippine government. Her beginning need to get there was $19,837.  Thanks to people just like you all she needs now is $10,000.  A gift in any amount will help.

You have the opportunity to send Emilda to the World Special Olympics! Just think what this would mean to Emilda and her family.  

Pictures and more information about Emilda are available at The Making of a Special Olympics Champion

To make a donation to help send Emilda to the World Special Olympics go here:
Donate to Help Emilda

Please prayerfully consider whether the Lord would have you donate to help Emilda.  You can make a difference in the life of this impoverished child.

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