Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Prayer Points from the ground on the Massachusetts Brown-Coakley election

I received this prayer request with a link to a youtube video. Please read the e-mail, watch the short video, and then, please, be in prayer today that conservative Scott Brown will be elected to fill the vacant Senate seat in Massachusetts once filled by Ted Kennedy.

Scott Brown opposes the socialistic take-over of America now going on in Congress and the White House.

The e-mail below was forwarded from the Family Action Council of Massachusetts by William Morgan, Chairman of the counterpart organization here in Tennessee, the Family Action Council of TN.

Please read the request and please be in prayer that Scott Brown will be elected Senator from Massachusetts tomorrow, not Martha Coakley.

--------- Forwarded message ----------
From: William D. Morgan
Date: Mon, Jan 18, 2010 at 6:44 PM
Subject: Update & Prayer Points from the ground on the Massachusetts Brown-Coakley election
To: "William D. Morgan"

Here is an update and prayer points on the Massachusetts Miracle, as they are calling it, from our counterpart organization up there.

Be sure to watch the video, it is awesome!!

Pray for the miracle to come true tomorrow.
William D. Morgan
Chairman of the Board

Family Action Council of Tennessee
615-256-0112 (office)

Dear FPC Leaders,

The SECOND American Revolution begins tomorrow, and hopefully will be the prelude to the Third Great Awakening! Scott Brown is leading by 10 points in the Fox News poll, but we dare not rest until we get out the vote tomorrow and ensure that everyone who says they are going to vote for Scott does so. Organizing for America, aka ACORN, is furiously at work trying to rally the Democrat base, but I truly believe that they will not succeed.

You cannot believe the electricity that is in the air. Scott Brown lawn signs far outnumber Coakley’s across the state. The rallies for Scott have been humongous compared to Coakely’s, and when President Obama came yesterday, more Brown supporters were outside the auditorium cheering for Brown than Coakley supporters inside! The goal for our breakfast fundraiser for Scott last Wednesday was $10,000 and we received $24,000, a real answer to prayer.

Coakley’s campaign seems to be in a self-destruct mode. Her negative ad campaign is alienating most people and she has made numerous gaffes with the media. We had prayed that her radical abortion views would come back to haunt her and indeed they have as she said on a radio talk show that “people with religious beliefs should not be working in hospital emergency rooms.”

Meanwhile, there is an absolutely fresh anointing on Scott as he maintains a positive message that is resonating with voters. Wherever he goes, throngs of enthusiastic people show up. He has not made a single gaffe and his strength and vitality are amazing for the hectic pace of the last 3 weeks, again answers to our prayers.

This has to be God ending the 60-year Kennedy dynasty (1 Sam 3:11-13) and we believe this could be the prelude to a spiritual renewal in Massachusetts. People want to throw off the oppressive bondage of the Kennedys’ arrogance and socialism, which has been a key stronghold of the “walls of pride and intellectualism” in Massachusetts.

Please be in fervent prayer today!


Coakley’s deluge of negative attack ads to continue to drive voters to Scott tomorrow.

That EVERYONE who said they were voting for Scott do so with a record turnout, especially the independent voters. (50% of registered voters in MA are independent and 70% of them say they support Scott.)

That senior citizens turn out in record numbers understanding that a vote for Scott is a vote to prevent drastic cuts in Medicare.

That ACORN’s nefarious activities be thwarted and NO voter fraud.

That the enemy’s plan to delay Scott’s certification, if he wins, would come to naught. (The 90% Democrat controlled legislature have said they would do this to give the Obama administration time to pass the health care bill should Scott win.

Believing with you for the real “Massachusetts Miracle” tomorrow!!!



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