Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Some thoughts on our curriculum

I'm seeing some things in our curriculum that will need to be addressed soon.  Joshua is doing cursive using A Reason for Handwriting.  He's not learning how to connect the cursive letters very well.  I'm going to have to do something else for him I think.  Any ideas are appreciated.  I am thinking of BJU simply because BJU was the the first curriculum that we used with Joshua and he's kept with the basic idea of their "font".  I also like that BJU has wonderful teacher's manuals.

We also have not been doing history this semester.  I have been looking over several curriculums trying to decide what to use.  I have let Joshua be involved in this process and we really like History Revealed by Diana Waring.  After all the research I remembered that HOD uses Diana's What in the World cd's. 

Ok let me back up and give you some history.  I have loved HOD since I found it a few years back.  I have used it in the past but sold it and bought it and sold it and bought it :o)  I just couldn't make it work for Joshua in the past.  BUT here I am again finding that HOD is using yet another book or curriculum that I am choosing on my own.  I honestly wish I would have known about HOD when Joshua was at the right ages to start it from the beginning.  I will be using HOD for history at a minimum for Jacob when he gets old enough to start it.  So let me just say again that I love, love, love HOD.

I'm starting to understand that I just need to do HOD and get over it.  The biggest decision now is what level to start with for Joshua.  Decisions. Decisions.  Oh if only all our decisions were really this easy.


lilahnlukesmom said...

what is HOD?

Paige said...

HOD is Heart of Dakota Curriculum at

Hope that helps!


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