Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our Summer Curriculum

Over summer we will be working on some school things so I thought I would update what we will be using.  Joshua struggled to learn to read but he's doing really good.  I've prayed about it and I believe the best thing for us to do this summer is work on his phonics so that he can get better and faster at his reading.  I've purchased Saxon Phonics Intervention for him so that is the only Language Arts we will do over summer.  For Bible we will be using the Discover 4 Yourself How To Study Your Bible.  I will also be working with him on All About Spelling as that will only reinforce what we are doing in Saxon Phonics Intervention.  He is participating in 2 summer reading programs with Barnes & Noble and our local library system.  He's reading Hank the Cowdog books right now and loving those.

I'm also having to reevaluate our math.  He's been using Teaching Textbooks and he really likes it but I feel that it's not sticking with him like I feel it needs to.  I'm undecided what to use yet but I'm leaning towards Singapore or Saxon for math.  I'll update with final decisions on that when I know. 

He will continue to use A Reason for Handwriting for his cursive.  He's doing very well with his cursive.

I've not made any plans for the next school years curriculum yet.  I'm leaning heavily towards Heart of Dakota's Preparing Hearts for His Glory program for history & science.  We'll see what the summer brings with Joshua's reading and I'll go from there.

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Amber said...

Hi Paige, email me if you want about TT..I found similar with it but the reasons for us were a little different.
My ds found a loophole in the program and as a result wasnt retaining anything because he was able to skip things. Spiral also just doesnt seem to work with him, so we're going to be sticking with mastery for now on. I have done both types and after testing for gaps, I am highly upset that I didnt stick with a mastery math (we had been using R&S before and wanted more of a computer/independent approach)...

Anyways, hope you are able to come to your decisions prayerfully and with clarity :)


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