Thursday, March 5, 2009

What to look forward to...............

Well I'm home and we won't talk about my trip but praise God I did make it without any injury!

I wanted to let the few people that check out my blog know what is coming over the next few days. While gone from home I stumbled onto a few things for homeschooling that I will be reviewing in the next few days.

I also had 2 epiphanies while gone that are going to make a difference in my life from here on out.

AND I read a whole book while gone. That's the first book that I read word for word and didn't skim and jump around in for a very long time - maybe years (I'm serious about that). It's a book that is gaining in popularity and I will review it. I borrowed my copy so I need to pick up my own copy to butcher while I read it again and review it. When I'm able to do that I'll get around to reviewing it. The other 2 things come first though LOL.

Alrighty then! Like anyone cares but I thought I would post now that I am home and dangle some chocolate in front of a few of you! I know you are on pins and needles waiting for me to post - NOT lol.

Blessed to be home with my wonderful husband,


Daisy said...

Geez, that was a HUGE teaser. I hope you are gloating. I'm sitting here tap, tap, tapping, waiting for your next post.

Paige said...

Daisy! You are so funny. I'm not gloating. I feel bad now LOL. I'll try to get one of the homeschooling things up here in a few minutes. Hubby is already tired of me being on computer. I explained to him I hadn't had internet for 2 MONTHS. He had to cut me some slack LOL.


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