Monday, February 9, 2009

Still away from home

well I'm still at my parents house. I was supposed to be back a few weeks ago but as usual major changes happen and I'm still here. I have very limited access to the internet so I havn't been able to post. I'm in withdrawal to talk to all my friends online. I hopefully will be able to check and post more in the next week or so.



Daisy said...

We are missing you!!!! Hope everything is okay.

Anonymous said...

We miss you! Praying for you!


Kay in PA said...

Thanks for the update, hope you have access soon, I know what it's like to be w/o internet!

Kay in PA
(from HOD)

debbieg said...

Hi Paige!

Missing you here in Nashville/Franklin.

Hope you can come back soon!

If you can let us know when, so we can pray specifically for your safe travel. If not, we can pray anyway!!

Hope you and the boys are doing good!

Debbie G.


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